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RAIL High Bay Accessories

Handheld wireless configuration tool enables contractors and end-users to customize sensor control settings for RAIL High Bay fixtures with the simple click of a button - no ladders required.

Product Finish Type Compatibility
WSREM.BlackHandheld wireless configuration RAIL, PORTO
GDRAIL13WBlackWire GuardRAIL 95W
GDRAIL18WBlackWire GuardRAIL 150W
GDRAIL22WBlackWire GuardRAIL 185W
GDRAIL26WBlackWire GuardRAIL 225W
LRAIL18BlackLensRAIL 150W
LRAIL22BlackLensRAIL 185W
LRAIL26BlackLensRAIL 225W
GDRAIL52WBlackWire GuardRAIL 400W
LRAIL52BlackLensRAIL 400W
LRAIL13BlackLensRAIL 95W