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Multi-Head Recessed Remodeler Housing

This durable die-formed steel remodeler housing comes in a variety of colors and sizes and is used for adding multi-head recessed lighting to existing ceilings. .

Product FinishCRI Size Type
MD1RTBBlack901 Fixture Head1/2" Trim
MD1RTLBBlack901 Fixture HeadTrimless
MD2RTBBlack902 Fixture Heads1/2" Trim
MD2RTLBBlack902 Fixture HeadsTrimless
MD3RTBBlack903 Fixture Heads1/2" Trim
MD3RTLBBlack903 Fixture HeadsTrimless
MD4RTBBlack904 Fixture Heads1/2" Trim
MD4RTLBBlack904 Fixture HeadsTrimless
MD1RTWWhite901 Fixture Head1/2" Trim
MD1RTLWWhite901 Fixture HeadTrimless
MD2RTWWhite902 Fixture Heads1/2" Trim
MD2RTLWWhite902 Fixture HeadsTrimless
MD3RTWWhite903 Fixture Heads1/2" Trim
MD3RTLWWhite903 Fixture HeadsTrimless
MD4RTWWhite904 Fixture Heads1/2" Trim
MD4RTLWWhite904 Fixture HeadsTrimless