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Lightcloud Sensor

The Lightcloud Sensor is a dual-technology motion detector and closed loop daylight harvester that can switch and dim both local and remote circuits. It monitors power consumption, and can send an alert if power is lost. The Sensor is available for both standard and high bay applications, each with the option of surface or fixture mounting.

Product Finish Mounting Height Type Sort Weight
LCSENSE15/D10WhiteStandard (8-12 ft.)Ceiling/Surface mount100
LCSENSE15/D10/AWhiteStandard (8-12 ft.)Fixture/Junction Box (1/2" NPT)90
LCSENSE15/D10/AHWhiteStandard (8-12 ft.)Fixture/Junction Box (1/2" NPT)80
LCHBSENSE15/D10WhiteHigh Bay (25-45 ft.)Ceiling/Surface mount70
LCHBSENSE15/D10/AWhiteHigh Bay (25-45 ft.)Fixture/Junction Box (1/2" NPT)60
LCHBSENSE15/D10/AHWhiteHigh Bay (25-45 ft.)Fixture/Junction Box (1/2" NPT)50