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FERN™ Pathway Lights

Light your path and enhance your outdoor space with durable die cast metal LED pathway lights that are built to withstand the elements. Available in full cutoff, 1 tier and 2 tier models, FERN is equivalent to 20W halogen and has a 100,000 hour LED lifespan.

Product Finish Watts Input Watts Lamp Type Color Temp LumensCRI L70 Lifespan Type
LLFCLED6LVYYBBlack65LED2700K (Residential Warm)25281100000Pagoda Full Cutoff
LLFCLED6LVYYABronze65LED2700K (Residential Warm)25281100000Pagoda Full Cutoff
LLFCLED6LVYYWWhite65LED2700K (Residential Warm)25281100000Pagoda Full Cutoff
LLFCLED6LVYYDSand65LED2700K (Residential Warm)25281100000Pagoda Full Cutoff
LL1LED6LVYYBBlack65LED2700K (Residential Warm)29281100000Pagoda 1 Tier
LL1LED6LVYYABronze65LED2700K (Residential Warm)29281100000Pagoda 1 Tier
LL1LED6LVYYWWhite65LED2700K (Residential Warm)29281100000Pagoda 1 Tier
LL1LED6LVYYDSand65LED2700K (Residential Warm)29281100000Pagoda 1 Tier
LL2LED6LVYYBBlack65LED2700K (Residential Warm)18081100000Pagoda 2 Tier
LL2LED6LVYYABronze66LED2700K (Residential Warm)18181100000Pagoda 2 Tier
LL2LED6LVYYWWhite66LED2700K (Residential Warm)24081100000Pagoda 2 Tier
LL2LED6LVYYDSand66LED2700K (Residential Warm)20481100000Pagoda 2 Tier
LLFCLED6LVYYVGVerde Green66LED2700K (Residential Warm)25281100000Pagoda Full Cutoff
LL1LED6LVYYVGVerde Green66LED2700K (Residential Warm)29281100000Pagoda 1 Tier
LL2LED6LVYYVGVerde Green66LED2700K (Residential Warm)17980100000Pagoda 2 Tier