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2 ft. LED GUS Surface Wrap

The affordable LED GUS is designed to deliver general ambient lighting for surface-mount ceiling/wall or pendant mount applications. Diffusion lens delivers improved visual performance and a more refined look. Replaces traditional 2' linear fluorescent wraparound fixtures.

Product Finish Watts Input Watts Lamp Type Photocell Color Temp LumensCRI L70 Lifespan Voltage TypeDLC Equivalency
GUS2-18NW/D10White1819LEDNo Photocell4000K (Neutral)214084100000120-277VDimmableDLCReplaces up to (1) F32T8
GUS2-18YNW/D10White1819LEDNo Photocell3500K (Warm Neutral)199186100000120-277VDimmableDLCReplaces up to (1) F32T8
GUS2-18YW/D10White1819LEDNo Photocell3000K (Warm)212984100000120-277VDimmableDLCReplaces up to (1) F32T8
GUS2-25NW/D10White2526LEDNo Photocell4000K (Neutral)275784100000120-277VDimmableDLCEquivalent to (1) F32T8.
GUS2-25YNW/D10White2525LEDNo Photocell3500K (Warm Neutral)251786100000120-277VDimmableNo DLCEquivalent to (1) F32T8.
GUS2-25YW/D10White2526LEDNo Photocell3000K (Warm)266684100000120-277VDimmableDLCEquivalent to (1) F32T8.
GUS2-18W/D10White1819LEDNo Photocell5000K (Cool)243083100000120-277VDimmableNo DLCReplaces up to (1) F32T8
GUS2-25W/D10White2526LEDNo Photocell5000K (Cool)306683100000120-277VDimmableNo DLCEquivalent to (1) F32T8.