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Color: White


LED compatible

20A Rated N/O & N/C

Used for bypassing line voltage switching, occupancy sensors or dimmers

Also used as dry contact to signal relay panels or BMS systems of utility power interruption

Integral test switch and green utility power indicator

UL924 Listed

Technical Specifications


  • UL Listing:
    UL924 Listed


  • Sensing Input:
    120V - 277V
  • Load Rating:
    120V - 277V (20A)
  • Ballast Load Rating:
    20A (120V - 277V)
  • Incandescent Load:
    1800W (120V) / 1500W (277V)
  • Load:
    Contact #1 20A (120V-277V)


  • Mounting:
    Universal (flush, panel, fixture or junction box mount)
  • Rating:
  • Shipping Weight:
    12 oz
  • Temperature:
    32°F - 140°F (0°C - 60°C)
  • Size:
    1.7" x 3" x 1.2" (W x H x D body)


  • Warranty:
    10-year full hardware warranty with 100% repair/replacement coverage for all properly installed devices. See Lightcloud Warranty Terms.
  • Buy American Act Compliance:
    RAB values USA manufacturing! Upon request, RAB may be able to manufacture this product to be compliant with the Buy American Act (BAA). Please contact customer service to request a quote for the product to be made BAA compliant.