Multiple power packages.

AEROBAY comes in 260W, 175W, 125W and 90W versions,
delivering ultra-high efficiency up to 137 lm/W.

Stays cool.

24/7 operation at high ambient
temperatures (up to 55°C).

HAZBAYLED Shock Resistant

Ain’t no ceiling high enough.

Ideal for 50 ft mounting heights in
warehouse or industrial applications.

Add Lightcloud lighting controls for minimal cost.

Including the factory-installed Lightcloud option is a no-brainer.

Emergency Battery

Available as an option on all
models. See matrix below.

Standard 0-10V Dimming

Triac and ELV type dimmers.

up to


savings per year

Get fast payback.

With annual energy savings of up to $71 per fixture,
combined with the reduced maintenance cost that
comes with installing LED, the AEROBAY can pay
for itself in no time!

Big rebates
Save even more with utility
rebates. AEROBAY models
are DLC Premium-listed.
50,000 hr lifespan
50,000 hr LED lifespan
based on IES LM-80 results
and TM-21 calculations.
5 yr limited warranty
Fixture operation and paint
finish are covered by a
5-year limited warranty.

Ready to order?

Just follow the matrix.

VAN1LED Product Ordering Matrix