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High performance at an affordable price.

The BAYLED is designed to perform at a price that makes sense.
Get quick payback through a 70% reduction in maintenance and
energy costs compared to conventional metal halide systems.

Aisle optics improve visibility.

Got a warehouse lined with racks filled with palletts and boxes? AISLED optics spread light uniformly across the vertical face of the racksdown an aisle, putting the light where it's really needed.

The result is improved visibility and readability of box faces on the racks in an aisle.
No more hot-spot glare on higher shelves that are produced by traditional high bays.

Motion detection.

Increase energy savings by adding the LOSBAY800
motion sensor into your BAYLED installations. Each
sensor can switch up to 6 BAYLEDs and can be
mounted 20'- 40' high providing a 60' x 60' (3600
sq ft) detection range. LOSBAY800 also comes
with an optional lens that modifies the detection
pattern to fit the long and narrow shape of a
warehouse aisle.

Secure mounting matters.

Be code compliant with the BAYLED. Each unit
comes standard with a heavy-duty 3/4" NPS
hook and 3' chain for secondary restraint.

But wait, there's more.

Easy LED replacement.

RAB LED modules are held in place with our
newly designed solderless gripper socket so
they can be replaced with just a screwdriver.

High ambients? No sweat.

The BAYLED is designed for use in ambient
temperatures from -40 °C (-40°F) to 55°C (131°F)

Instant On.

No flickering. No warm-up.
When you want it on, it's on.

Protect your investment.

Optional polyshield and chrome wire guard protects
from sporty projectiles flung during gym class.


78W High Bay BAYLED

78W BAYLED high bay replaces 250W MH high bays, reducing energy consumption by 67%. Suitable for large spaces, including warehouses, factories, and distribution centers.

Product Finish Watts Input Watts Lamp Type Photocell Color Temp LumensCRI L70 Lifespan Voltage TypeDLC Sort Weight
BAYLED78WWhite7889LEDNo Photocell5100K (Cool)746368100000120-277VStandardDLC0
BAYLED78NWWhite7889LEDNo Photocell4000K (Neutral)770482100000120-277VStandardDLC0
BAYLED78YWWhite7888LEDNo Photocell3000K (Warm)723081100000120-277VStandardDLC0
BAYLED78W/BLWhite7889LEDNo Photocell5100K (Cool)746368100000120-277VBi-LevelDLC0
BAYLED78NW/BLWhite7889LEDNo Photocell4000K (Neutral)770482100000120-277VBi-LevelDLC0
BAYLED78YW/BLWhite7888LEDNo Photocell3000K (Warm)723081100000120-277VBi-LevelDLC0
BAYLED78NW/D10White7889LEDNo Photocell4000K (Neutral)770482100000120-277VDimmableNo DLC0
BAYLED78W/D10White7889LEDNo Photocell5100K (Cool)746368100000120-277VDimmableNo DLC0
BAYLED78YW/D10White7888LEDNo Photocell3000K (Warm)723081100000120-277VDimmableNo DLC0

78W High Bay AISLED

78W AISLED high bay delivers ultra efficient LED technology with uniform vertical light distribution for improved aisle lighting.

Product Finish Watts Input Watts Lamp Type Photocell Color Temp LumensCRI L70 Lifespan Voltage TypeDLC Sort Weight
AISLED78WWhite7896LEDNo Photocell5100K (Cool)632268100000120-277VStandardNo DLC0
AISLED78NWWhite7893LEDNo Photocell4000K (Neutral)545385100000120-277VStandardNo DLC0
AISLED78YWWhite7896LEDNo Photocell3000K (Warm)497182100000120-277VStandardNo DLC0
AISLED78W/BLWhite7896LEDNo Photocell5100K (Cool)632268100000120-277VBi-LevelNo DLC0
AISLED78NW/BLWhite7893LEDNo Photocell4000K (Neutral)545385100000120-277VBi-LevelNo DLC0
AISLED78YW/BLWhite7896LEDNo Photocell3000K (Warm)497182100000120-277VBi-LevelNo DLC0
AISLED78NW/D10White7893LEDNo Photocell4000K (Neutral)545385100000120-277VDimmableNo DLC0
AISLED78W/D10White7896LEDNo Photocell5100K (Cool)632268100000120-277VDimmableNo DLC0
AISLED78YW/D10White7896LEDNo Photocell3000K (Warm)497182100000120-277VDimmableNo DLC0