A lot of light for lighting a lot.
The economical LOTBLASTER
has it covered.

Delivers value and versatility.

The economical LOTBLASTER product line provides value-oriented
area lighting solutions for a variety of applications without
compromising quality or performance.

IES Type II is meant for
lighting large areas, located
by the roadside. Typically
found on:
  • wide walkways
  • on ramps
  • entrance roadways
  • bike paths
IES Type III is meant to
be located near the side of
an area, projecting the light
outward to fill the area. Ideal for:
  • roadways
  • general parking areas
  • lighting applications where a large pool of light is required
IES Type IV produces a
semicircular distribution, and is
especially suited for
mounting on:
  • sides of buildings or walls
  • perimeter of parking areas
IES Type VS distributes light
in a square symmetrical
pattern and is perfect for
large areas such as:
  • commercial parking lots
  • center of roadways
  • corporate parks
Canopy Lights Upgrading

Low-cost, no-maintenance

LOTBLASTER delivers rapid payback with efficacy
ratings up to 116 lm/W and 100K-hour LEDs that
shine brightly for decades with no re-lamping required.

Save more with lighting controls.

Multi-level lighting controls, motion sensor and twist
lock photocell options are available for even higher
energy efficiency and cost savings.

Canopy Lights Upgrading
Canopy Lights Upgrading

Mounting options.

The lightweight design and low EPA of LOTBLASTER
minimizes load, making it compatible with a wide
range of poles. A universal pole adapter is available
for installation on both round and square poles, and
is compatible with different drilling patterns, saving
on installation time.

Hassle-free installation.

The LOTBLASTER's contractor-friendly design
includes a hinged swing door for easy access
to the wiring box, and the UPA pole adapter
enables drill-free installation on many existing

Canopy Lights Upgrading

5G vibration rating.

LOTBLASTER has a quality die-cast
construction with an industry-leading
5G vibration rating.

up to
up to
energy savings
up to
annual savings
The RAB 5-year limited warranty
covers light output, color stability,
driver performance and paint finish.
100K-hour LEDs that
shine brightly for decades
with no re-lamping required.
10kV surge protection upgrade
is available for regions with
frequent lightning strikes.


Canopy Lights Upgrading
Canopy Lights Upgrading

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