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1. Add a sensor or surface conduit to garage lights.

Great for adding a sensor to RAB LED garage fixtures. Surface mounts over any shape box and covers unsightly stains or gaps. Wire directly to the back of the box or through four side entries using surface conduit. Available in bronze and white.

See back boxes >>

2. Mount your fixture
in creative ways.

Available in four configurations, RAB in-line connectors provide a code compliant way
to mount LED fixtures to arms using a splice box that's easy to inspect.

See in-line connectors >>

3. Straight mounting on slanted ceilings.

Available in bronze and white with a 45° or 90° angle, these hang
straight swivels make mounting pendants to sloped ceilings a cinch.

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4. Do away with goofy gaps.

For use with RAB DLED downlight retrofits when the diameter of the cutout hole is larger
than the baffle of the fixture. The goof ring will cover the open space for a clean look.

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