Lighting Layout Product List

Ultra performance
in a low profile.

SLIM wallpack delivers ultra efficient LED technology in a compact design that's super
easy to install. Downlighting and uplighting are worry-free with IP66 rating and a 5 year warranty. 100,000 hours of brilliant LED lighting has never looked so good.

Hug the wall.

Measuring in at under 4" off the wall, the full cutoff, fully shielded SLIM is ADA compliant
and Dark Sky Compliant.

Ultra performance.

SLIM delivers up to 97 lumens per watt, and replaces up to 175W metal halide at mounting heights from 8 to 22ft. Full cutoff, fully shielded precision optics deliver a smooth light distribution that meets Dark Sky requirements and will also qualify for most major utility rebates, nationwide. DesignLights ™ Consortium qualified for all but the 26W in warm color temperature.

Easy Installation.

SLIM has thoughtfully designed features that make installation quick and easy.

The universal junction box has knockouts to match every surface and recessed box we could find, or you just screw it directly to the wall.

Electrical wiring is a dream with conduit entry from the back, sides and top.

A helpful third-hand rest lets you finish your electrical connections safely and conveniently.

Integrated bubble level ensures SLIM is installed plumb and true without any guesswork.

When you're ready to button it up, the guide-right screw simplifies the process and makes installation a snap.

Water? Please.

The SLIM is IP66 rated for washdown applications. UL listed for wet locations as an uplight or downlight, the SLIM is built like a tank.

Equivalent? Try better.

With the newest LED technology, RAB has achieved remarkable equivalencies and the SLIM offers a big energy saving opportunity for those ready to switch to LED.

  • SLIM26 is equivalent to 175W metal halide
  • SLIM18 is equivalent to 100W metal halide
  • SLIM12 is equivalent to 70W metal halide

SLIM LED Wallpacks

12, 18 and 26 Watt SLIM wallpacks are ultra efficient and deliver impressive light distribution with a compact low-profile design that's super easy to install as a downlight or uplight.

Product Finish Watts Input Watts Photocell Color Temp LumensCRI L70 Lifespan
SLIM26Bronze2631No Photocell5100K (Cool)2,64868100,000
SLIM26WWhite2631No Photocell5100K (Cool)2,64868100,000
SLIM26NBronze2632No Photocell4000K (Neutral)2,11186100,000
SLIM26NWWhite2632No Photocell4000K (Neutral)2,11186100,000
SLIM26YBronze2630No Photocell3000K (Warm)1,69482100,000
SLIM26YWWhite2630No Photocell3000K (Warm)1,69482100,000
SLIM18Bronze1821No Photocell5100K (Cool)1,90969100,000
SLIM18WWhite1821No Photocell5100K (Cool)1,90969100,000
SLIM18NBronze1821No Photocell4000K (Neutral)1,47085100,000
SLIM18NWWhite1821No Photocell4000K (Neutral)1,47085100,000
SLIM18YBronze1821No Photocell3000K (Warm)1,42382100,000
SLIM18YWWhite1821No Photocell3000K (Warm)1,42382100,000
SLIM12Bronze1215No Photocell5100K (Cool)1,40169100,000
SLIM12WWhite1215No Photocell5100K (Cool)1,40169100,000
SLIM12NBronze1215No Photocell4000K (Neutral)1,16886100,000
SLIM12NWWhite1215No Photocell4000K (Neutral)1,16886100,000
SLIM12YBronze1214No Photocell3000K (Warm)1,01982100,000
SLIM12YWWhite1214No Photocell3000K (Warm)1,01982100,000
SLIM26/PCBronze2631120V Button Photocell5100K (Cool)2,64868100,000
SLIM26W/PCWhite2631120V Button Photocell5100K (Cool)2,64868100,000
SLIM26N/PCBronze2632120V Button Photocell4000K (Neutral)2,11186100,000
SLIM26NW/PCWhite2632120V Button Photocell4000K (Neutral)2,11186100,000
SLIM26Y/PCBronze2630120V Button Photocell3000K (Warm)1,69482100,000
SLIM26YW/PCWhite2630120V Button Photocell3000K (Warm)1,69482100,000
SLIM18/PCBronze1821120V Button Photocell5100K (Cool)1,90969100,000
SLIM18W/PCWhite1821120V Button Photocell5100K (Cool)1,90969100,000
SLIM18N/PCBronze1821120V Button Photocell4000K (Neutral)1,47085100,000
SLIM18NW/PCWhite1821120V Button Photocell4000K (Neutral)1,47085100,000
SLIM18Y/PCBronze1821120V Button Photocell3000K (Warm)1,42382100,000
SLIM18YW/PCWhite1821120V Button Photocell3000K (Warm)1,42382100,000
SLIM12/PCBronze1215120V Button Photocell5100K (Cool)1,40169100,000
SLIM12W/PCWhite1215120V Button Photocell5100K (Cool)1,40169100,000
SLIM12N/PCBronze1215120V Button Photocell4000K (Neutral)1,16886100,000
SLIM12NW/PCWhite1215120V Button Photocell4000K (Neutral)1,16886100,000
SLIM12Y/PCBronze1214120V Button Photocell3000K (Warm)1,01982100,000
SLIM12YW/PCWhite1214120V Button Photocell3000K (Warm)1,01982100,000
SLIM26/PC2Bronze2631277V Button Photocell5100K (Cool)2,64868100,000
SLIM26W/PC2White2631277V Button Photocell5100K (Cool)2,64868100,000
SLIM26N/PC2Bronze2632277V Button Photocell4000K (Neutral)2,11186100,000
SLIM26NW/PC2White2632277V Button Photocell4000K (Neutral)2,11186100,000
SLIM26Y/PC2Bronze2630277V Button Photocell3000K (Warm)1,69482100,000
SLIM26YW/PC2White2630277V Button Photocell3000K (Warm)1,69482100,000
SLIM18/PC2Bronze1821277V Button Photocell5100K (Cool)1,90969100,000
SLIM18W/PC2White1821277V Button Photocell5100K (Cool)1,90969100,000
SLIM18N/PC2Bronze1821277V Button Photocell4000K (Neutral)1,47085100,000
SLIM18NW/PC2White1821277V Button Photocell4000K (Neutral)1,47085100,000
SLIM18Y/PC2Bronze1821277V Button Photocell3000K (Warm)1,42382100,000
SLIM18YW/PC2White1821277V Button Photocell3000K (Warm)1,42382100,000
SLIM12/PC2Bronze1215277V Button Photocell5100K (Cool)1,40169100,000
SLIM12W/PC2White1215277V Button Photocell5100K (Cool)1,40169100,000
SLIM12N/PC2Bronze1215277V Button Photocell4000K (Neutral)1,16886100,000
SLIM12NW/PC2White1215277V Button Photocell4000K (Neutral)1,16886100,000
SLIM12Y/PC2Bronze1214277V Button Photocell3000K (Warm)1,01982100,000
SLIM12YW/PC2White1214277V Button Photocell3000K (Warm)1,01982100,000