1000W performance with
over 60% energy savings!
RAIL® 400W High Bay
Premium architectural look in a
durable high bay design.
  • Hight-transmittance lens for maximum light output
  • Low-glare design with semi-diffuse lens
  • Various sensor options for multi-level lighting control
Rail Insert
Ultra-high efficiency
up to 138 lm/W.
Mounting Options
RAIL available with V hook mount (chain by others), or pendant/surface mount (stem by others).
Lightcloud® compatible.
Lightcloud® controller and high bay sensor options are compatible with RAB's lighting control system.
Optional daylight and motion sensor.
With high/low modes, time-delay dimming and timed cutoff.
Available with emergency battery backup.
Rated for ambient temperatures up to 55° C.
(see spec sheets for details)
Available with LightcloudTM controls.
Lightcloud is a commercial wireless lighting control system, fully developed and supported by RAB.

Get fast payback.

With annual energy savings of up to $447*,
the reduced maintenance cost of LED, the RAIL 400W pays for itself in no time.
*Based on 1000W MH replacement operating 18hrs/day, 35days/yr at $0.10/kWh


Wire Guard Accessories

(ordered separately)

Sensor accessories

(ordered separately)
Adjust settings for multi-level motion sensor models /WS2 and /WS4 using a handheld wireless configuration tool (catalog #WSREM)
  • High/low modes fully adjustable from 0 to 10V
  • Time delay dims light 30 seconds to 30 minutes after detecting motion
  • Optional cutoff delay turns fixture off after a preset period of vacancy
  • Configure control settings to react to ambient light levels
  • Ramp up and fade down times can be customized
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