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Tallpack CFL QT with Emergency Battery Back Up

Tallpack Compact Fluorescent Quad Tap with Emergency Battery Backup

Product Finish Watts Lamp Type Photocell Lumens Voltage TypeDLC
WPTF26/E1Bronze2626W Triple120V1800120VBattery Backup 120VNo DLC
WPTF26/E2Bronze2626W Triple277V1800277VBattery Backup 277VNo DLC
WPTF26W/E1White2626W Triple120V1800120VBattery Backup 120VNo DLC
WPTF26W/E2White2626W Triple277V1800277VBattery Backup 277VNo DLC
WPTF32/E1Bronze3232w Triple120V2400120VBattery Backup 120VNo DLC
WPTF32/E2Bronze3232w Triple277V2400277VBattery Backup 277VNo DLC
WPTF32W/E1White3232w Triple120V2400120VBattery Backup 120VNo DLC
WPTF32W/E2White3232w Triple277V2400277VBattery Backup 277VNo DLC
WPTF42/E1Bronze4242W Triple120V3200120VBattery Backup 120VNo DLC
WPTF42/E2Bronze4242W Triple277V3200277VBattery Backup 277VNo DLC
WPTF42W/E1White4242W Triple120V3200120VBattery Backup 120VNo DLC
WPTF42W/E2White4242W Triple277V3200277VBattery Backup 277VNo DLC