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Van3 CFL

Medium size ceiling mount fixture: 26, 32 and 42 Watt compact fluorescent available. Housing is die cast aluminum with clear vandalproof polycarbonate refractor. Photocontrol, Sensor (CFL 120v only) models available. Lamp supplied.

Product Watts Lamp Type Photocell
VAN3F26QT26Compact FluorescentNo Photocell
VAN3F26QT/PC26Compact Fluorescent120V Button Photocell
VAN3F26QT/PCS26Compact Fluorescent120V Swivel Photocell
VAN3F26QTW26Compact FluorescentNo Photocell
VAN3F26QTW/PC26Compact Fluorescent120V Button Photocell
VAN3F26QTW/PCS26Compact Fluorescent120V Swivel Photocell
VAN3F32QT32Compact FluorescentNo Photocell
VAN3F32QT/PC32Compact Fluorescent120V Button Photocell
VAN3F32QT/PC232Compact Fluorescent277V Button Photocell
VAN3F32QTW32Compact FluorescentNo Photocell
VAN3F32QTW/PC32Compact Fluorescent120V Button Photocell
VAN3F42QT42Compact FluorescentNo Photocell
VAN3F42QT/PC42Compact Fluorescent120V Button Photocell
VAN3F42QTW/PC42Compact Fluorescent120V Button Photocell
VAN3F32QT/PCS32Compact Fluorescent120V Swivel Photocell