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2' x 2' LED SWISH Center Basket Troffer with Lightcloud Control System

LED efficiency and performance in an economical 2'x2' center basket troffer. Includes built-in support for Lightcloud, a wireless lighting control system fully developed and supported by RAB.

Product Finish Watts Input Watts Lamp Type Color Temp LumensCRI L70 Lifespan Voltage TypeDLC Lightcloud Compatible Equivalency Option
SWISH2X2-19N/D10/LCWhite1919LED4000K (Neutral)246185100000120-277VDimmableDLCYesReplaces (2) F17 T8 or (2) F24 T5Standard
SWISH2X2-19YN/D10/LCWhite1920LED3500K (Warm Neutral)237684100000120-277VDimmableDLCYesReplaces (2) F17 T8 or (2) F24 T5Standard
SWISH2X2-19Y/D10/LCWhite1919LED3000K (Warm)234483100000120-277VDimmableDLCYesReplaces (2) F17 T8 or (2) F24 T5Standard
SWISH2X2-29YN/D10/LCWhite2929LED3500K (Warm Neutral)352885100000120-277VDimmableDLCYesReplaces (3) F17 T8 or (3) F14 T5Standard
SWISH2X2-29Y/D10/LCWhite2929LED3000K (Warm)353883100000120-277VDimmableDLCYesReplaces (3) F17 T8 or (3) F14 T5Standard