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Unbreakable Polycarbonate threaded globes to fit RAB and other standard size Vaporproof fixtures. Lamp base up only.

Product Finish Size Max Watts Material
GL100BPGOOpal100 Series75Polycarbonate
GL100PGClear100 Series75Prismatic
GL100PGAAmber100 Series75Prismatic
GL100PGBBlue100 Series75Prismatic
GL100PGGGreen100 Series75Prismatic
GL100PGRRuby100 Series75Prismatic
GL100PGWWhite100 Series75Prismatic
GL200PGClear200 Series100Prismatic
GL200PGAAmber200 Series100Prismatic
GL200PGBBlue200 Series100Prismatic
GL200PGGGreen200 Series100Prismatic
GL200PGRRuby200 Series100Prismatic
GL200PGWOpal200 Series100Prismatic