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LED Floodlight 5W

Compact 5 Watt LED floodlight perfectly suited for small-scale landscape lighting applications. 85% more energy efficient than its 35 Watt MR16 equivalent. Specialized microprismatic lens delivers even and consistent light. Utilizes line voltage (120V-240V).

Product Finish Watts Input Watts Lamp Type Color Temp LumensCRI L70 Lifespan
LFLED5ABronze55LED5000K (Cool)29968100000
LFLED5BBlack55LED5000K (Cool)29968100000
LFLED5NABronze55LED4000K (Neutral)20890100000
LFLED5NBBlack55LED4000K (Neutral)20890100000
LFLED5NVGVerde Green55LED4000K (Neutral)20890100000
LFLED5NWWhite55LED4000K (Neutral)20890100000
LFLED5VGVerde Green55LED5000K (Cool)29968100000
LFLED5WWhite55LED5000K (Cool)29968100000
LFLED5YABronze55LED3000K (Warm)20886100000
LFLED5YBBlack55LED3000K (Warm)20886100000
LFLED5YVGVerde Green55LED3000K (Warm)20886100000
LFLED5YWWhite55LED3000K (Warm)20886100000