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2' x 2' EZPAN Edgelit LED Panel

2' x 2' EZPAN edgelit LED panel lights provide smooth and uniform light edge-to-edge for a clean, modern look. Install in drop ceilings or use optional surface, pendant or recessed (dry wall) mounting kits.

Product Finish Watts Input Watts Lamp Type Color Temp LumensCRI L70 Lifespan Voltage TypeDLC Equivalency
EZPAN2X2-30N/D10White3029LED4000K (Neutral)33178360000120-277VDimmableDLCReplaces up to 55W (3) F24-T5.
EZPAN2X2-30YN/D10White3030LED3500K (Warm Neutral)34348260000120-277VDimmableDLCReplaces up to 55W (3) F24-T5.
EZPAN2X2-30Y/D10White3030LED3000K (Warm)32768160000120-277VDimmableDLCReplaces up to 55W (3) F24-T5.
EZPAN2X2-40/D10White4041LED5000K (Cool)47248260000120-277VDimmableDLCReplaces up to 75W (3) F24-T5
EZPAN2X2-40N/D10White4039LED4000K (Neutral)46268360000120-277VDimmableDLCReplaces up to 75W (3) F24-T5
EZPAN2X2-40YN/D10White4041LED3500K (Warm Neutral)42188260000120-277VDimmableDLCReplaces up to 75W (3) F24-T5
EZPAN2X2-40Y/D10White4040LED3000K (Warm)39948160000120-277VDimmableDLCReplaces up to 75W (3) F24-T5
EZPAN2X2-17/D10White1719LED5000K (Cool)21478260000120-277VDimmableDLCReplaces up to 75W (3) F24-T5
EZPAN2X2-17N/D10White1718LED4000K (Neutral)20018360000120-277VDimmableDLCReplaces up to 75W (3) F24-T5
EZPAN2X2-17YN/D10White1718LED3500K (Warm Neutral)20118260000120-277VDimmableDLCReplaces up to 75W (3) F24-T5
EZPAN2X2-17Y/D10White1718LED3000K (Warm)20658260000120-277VDimmableDLCReplaces up to 75W (3) F24-T5
EZPAN2X2-30/D10White3030LED5000K (Cool)31108360000120-277VDimmableDLCReplaces up to 75W (3) F24-T5