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LED Gooseneck Shade

Available in three different shades with Angled Cone, Angled Dome and Straight shade. Also available in 11" or 15" size shade.

Product Finish Size Type
GSACBBlack15"Angled Cone Shade
GSACWWhite15"Angled Cone Shade
GSADBBlack15"Angled Dome Shade
GSADWWhite15"Angled Dome Shade
GSSTBBlack15"Straight Shade
GSSTWWhite15"Straight Shade
GSACABronze15"Angled Cone Shade
GSACBWNBrown15"Angled Cone Shade
GSACGHunter Green15"Angled Cone Shade
GSACIIvory15"Angled Cone Shade
GSACLBLight Blue15"Angled Cone Shade
GSACBLRoyal Blue15"Angled Cone Shade
GSACRRed15"Angled Cone Shade
GSACSSilver15"Angled Cone Shade
GSACYLYellow15"Angled Cone Shade
GSADABronze15"Angled Dome Shade
GSADBWNBrown15"Angled Dome Shade
GSADGHunter Green15"Angled Dome Shade
GSADIIvory15"Angled Dome Shade
GSADLBLight Blue15"Angled Dome Shade
GSADBLRoyal Blue15"Angled Dome Shade
GSADRRed15"Angled Dome Shade
GSADSSilver15"Angled Dome Shade
GSADYLYellow15"Angled Dome Shade
GSSTABronze15"Straight Shade
GSSTBWNBrown15"Straight Shade
GSSTGHunter Green15"Straight Shade
GSSTIIvory15"Straight Shade
GSSTLBLight Blue15"Straight Shade
GSSTBLRoyal Blue15"Straight Shade
GSSTRRed15"Straight Shade
GSSTSSilver15"Straight Shade
GSSTYLYellow15"Straight Shade
GSAC11ABronze11"Angled Cone Shade
GSAC11BBlack11"Angled Cone Shade
GSAC11WWhite11"Angled Cone Shade
GSAC11BWNBrown11"Angled Cone Shade
GSAC11GHunter Green11"Angled Cone Shade
GSAC11IIvory11"Angled Cone Shade
GSAC11LBLight Blue11"Angled Cone Shade
GSAC11BLRoyal Blue11"Angled Cone Shade
GSAC11RRed11"Angled Cone Shade
GSAC11SSilver11"Angled Cone Shade
GSAC11YLYellow11"Angled Cone Shade
GSAD11ABronze11"Angled Dome Shade
GSAD11BBlack11"Angled Dome Shade
GSAD11WWhite11"Angled Dome Shade
GSAD11BWNBrown11"Angled Dome Shade
GSAD11GHunter Green11"Angled Dome Shade
GSAD11IIvory11"Angled Dome Shade
GSAD11LBLight Blue11"Angled Dome Shade
GSAD11BLRoyal Blue11"Angled Dome Shade
GSAD11RRed11"Angled Dome Shade
GSAD11SSilver11"Angled Dome Shade
GSAD11YLYellow11"Angled Dome Shade
GSST11ABronze11"Straight Shade
GSST11BBlack11"Straight Shade
GSST11WWhite11"Straight Shade
GSST11BWNBrown11"Straight Shade
GSST11GHunter Green11"Straight Shade
GSST11IIvory11"Straight Shade
GSST11LBLight Blue11"Straight Shade
GSST11BLRoyal Blue11"Straight Shade
GSST11RRed11"Straight Shade
GSST11SSilver11"Straight Shade
GSST11YLYellow11"Straight Shade