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Lookin' good in brass.

The smallest member of the LFLOOD family now comes in beautiful and durable brass.
Equivalent to the 35W MR16, the LFLED Brass is designed to replace floodlights used for
residential and commercial accent lighting, while reducing energy consumption by 87%.

Marine applications.

Perfect for use on boats, marinas, in coastal areas and around salt water. When used with the VX1BR junction box, the LFLED Brass is UL approved for marine applications. Sturdy brass construction keeps water out and stands up well to corrosive salt water conditions.

Mounting options.

Mount the LFLED Brass with VX1BR junction box or ground
mount with a brass Mighty Post Cap, which fits 2" or 3" posts.

Spot on.

Optional spotlight reflector kit can tighten the beam from a NEMA 4x4 down to a 3x3 distribution.
The spot kit is a simple 2-step tool-less conversion. Just unscrew the flood and screw in the spot.

Pretty cool.

LED technology runs much cooler than halogen, so
using the LFLED will avoid burning foliage and fingers.

Smooth lighting.

The patent pending design of the LFLED uses a microprismatic lens
that diffuses light to produce a smooth and glare-free lighting effect.

This box rocks.

The VXJ1BR junction box is built to withstand the rigors of the high seas. Standing guard in the rear is a heavy-duty synthetic rubber gasket that laughs in the face of salt water.
The four conduit plugs and faceplate are fortified with high temperature silicone gaskets. Plus, the housing is made of pure brass that will never
rust or corrode.

Aging gracefully.

The heavy-duty brass construction of the LFLED is 100% non-rusting and non-corroding. However, over time, a natural patina will form on the fixture, producing a natural weathered look, which can be aesthetically pleasing.

No-compromise warranty.

The RAB LED warranty ensures that your investment is protected. We warranty light output, color stability, driver performance, paint finish, and more!
See our full LED Warranty >>

100,000 hour lifespan.

All RAB LED fixtures have a 100,000 hour lifespan based on IES LM-80
results and TM-21 calculations. At 100,000 hours, light output drops to 70%
of initial output. But even at 70%, the LEDs are still going strong, with a
difference that is only subtly discernable to the human eye.