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Powerful performance.
Powerful savings.

LED performance you've been waiting for.
The 104 Watt LPACK replaces 400 Watt
metal halide, while using 75% less energy.

Ultra-high efficiency.

At 79 lumens per watt, the LPACK 104W
delivers the efficiency you want in an LED
fixture. Get further savings with energy
rebates. DesignLights™ Consortium
qualified for full cutoff versions.

Light where you want it.

LPACK 104W can be mounted in standard, cutoff and full cutoff configurations.
Be dark-sky compliant with full cutoff version.

Superior design for
superior lifespan.

TM-21 calculations are in, and the L70 lifespan
rating for RAB LED is now 100,000 hours.
Combined with our superb, patent-pending
thermal management system, RAB LEDs are
rated to last for 27 years (with an average daily
use of 10 hours) and covered by our
5 year bumper-to-bumper warranty.

High performance
area lighting

RAB pole-mounted area lights are also available in 104 Watt. The type IV distribution ALED104 mounts to square steel poles at 20 - 30 ft, up to 4 fixtures per pole.

But wait, there's more.
Easy installation.
Wiring is easy with our heavy-duty
tether that functions as a third hand
during installation, and a side access
panel built in to the mounting bracket.
Keeping with tradition.
The WPLED104 keeps the
traditional wallpack look from the front.
Available in architectural bronze and white.
Photocell option.
Photocell options are available for more
efficient operation. Wallpack uses
swivel photocell. Area light
uses twistlock photocell.
Bumper-to-bumper warranty.
Our warranty covers you in ways that make corporate
attorneys nervous. LED, driver, finish, performance -
you name it. We've been manufacturing lighting for
65 years, so you know we'll be around if help is needed.

104W LED Area Lights

Standard mounting. Mounts to square steel poles at 20 - 30 ft, up to 4 fixtures per pole. Patent Pending thermal management system. 100,000 hour L70 lifespan. 5 Year Warranty.

Product Finish Input Watts Lamp Type Photocell Color Temp LumensCRI L70 Lifespan Voltage Mount Type
ALED104Bronze113LEDNo Photocell5100K (Cool)1001069100000120-277VStandardStandard
ALED104WWhite113LEDNo Photocell5100K (Cool)1001069100000120-277VStandardStandard
ALED104NBronze112LEDNo Photocell4000K (Neutral)982382100000120-277VStandardStandard
ALED104NWWhite112LEDNo Photocell4000K (Neutral)982382100000120-277VStandardStandard
ALED104YBronze106LEDNo Photocell3000K (Warm)870182100000120-277VStandardStandard
ALED104YWWhite106LEDNo Photocell3000K (Warm)870182100000120-277VStandardStandard
ALED104/BLBronze113LEDNo Photocell5100K (Cool)1001069100000120-277VStandardBi-Level
ALED104W/BLWhite113LEDNo Photocell5100K (Cool)1001069100000120-277VStandardBi-Level
ALED104N/BLBronze112LEDNo Photocell4000K (Neutral)982382100000120-277VStandardBi-Level
ALED104NW/BLWhite112LEDNo Photocell4000K (Neutral)982382100000120-277VStandardBi-Level
ALED104Y/BLBronze106LEDNo Photocell3000K (Warm)870182100000120-277VStandardBi-Level
ALED104YW/BLWhite106LEDNo Photocell3000K (Warm)870182100000120-277VStandardBi-Level
ALED104/PCTBronze113LED120V-277V Twistlock Photocell 5100K (Cool)1001069100000120-277VStandardStandard
ALED104W/PCTWhite113LED120V-277V Twistlock Photocell 5100K (Cool)1001069100000120-277VStandardStandard
ALED104N/PCTBronze112LED120V-277V Twistlock Photocell 4000K (Neutral)982382100000120-277VStandardStandard
ALED104NW/PCTWhite112LED120V-277V Twistlock Photocell 4000K (Neutral)982382100000120-277VStandardStandard
ALED104Y/PCTBronze106LED120V-277V Twistlock Photocell 3000K (Warm)870182100000120-277VStandardStandard
ALED104YW/PCTWhite106LED120V-277V Twistlock Photocell 3000K (Warm)870182100000120-277VStandardStandard
ALED104/480Bronze115LEDNo Photocell5100K (Cool)1001069100000480VStandardStandard
ALED104W/480White115LEDNo Photocell5100K (Cool)1001069100000480VStandardStandard
ALED104N/480Bronze115LEDNo Photocell4000K (Neutral)982382100000480VStandardStandard
ALED104NW/480White115LEDNo Photocell4000K (Neutral)982382100000480VStandardStandard
ALED104Y/480Bronze115LEDNo Photocell3000K (Warm)870182100000480VStandardStandard
ALED104YW/480White115LEDNo Photocell3000K (Warm)870182100000480VStandardStandard
ALED104/480/PCT4Bronze104LED480V Twistlock Photocell5100K (Cool)1001069100000480VStandardStandard