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    Please ensure:
    • Ceiling heights are indicated
    • Dimensions are included
    • Existing fixtures are clearly indicated
    • If exterior, include building heights and property line

  • In an effort to answer the high demand of this free lighting design service we typically aim for a 3 day turn around. If your deadline is sooner, please call us at (888) RAB-1000 after submitting this form, and ask to speak with a lighting design coordinator.


  • Local Ordinances can greatly effect a lighting design and may include requirements governing light trespass (amount of light over the property line), light pollution (light spilled into the night sky), maximum mounting heights, uniformity and potentially other design parameters that should be taken into consideration during design phase. We kindly ask that you help us reduce the number of revisions to your project by looking into any applicable ordinances that might affect its design prior to us beginning the design. We appreciate your assistance in helping us turn more free lighting design projects around!

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  • This is an average cost normalizing demand and surcharges plus and utility service fees, assume $0.14 per kWh

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    Daily hours of operation, days per week of operation, weeks per year of operation, assume 10/7/52

  • Include wattages if known. Otherwise, we will determine this based on your fixture description. If you have a RAB catalog number, please provide it.

  • If we are designing a proposal, we only need the base system info. Please note that most times, the best every saving can be shown from a redesigned system and not on a one-for-one replacement.

  • If this is not supplied, we will make the following assumptions:

    • $100.00 per hr. for metroplex/urban areas
    • $75.00 per hr. for sub-urban areas
    • $60.00 per hr. for rural areas

  • We assume based on fixture type and application requirements. Typical assumption is $10.00 per fixture.

  • We assume $0.00 unless otherwise stated.