Now available in new high-output models.

LED wallpacks with up to 9000 lumens.


An LED powerhouse.

The LED WP3 packs a powerful light engine
that delivers a whopping 9,000+ lumens.

WP Wallpack Efficiency

Ultra efficient.

At up to 118 lm/W, LED wallpacks replace up to 400W MH, reducing energy consumption by over 80%. Plus, with a 100,000-hour lifespan, there's virtually no maintenance or re-lamping for 27 years.

WP Wallpack HID to LED Upgrade

Upgrading to LED is easy.

These LED wallpacks were designed to look exactly the same as our traditional HID wallpacks, so you can easily upgrade without leaving behind any unsightly discoloration from the old fixture.

WP Wallpack 480 Volt

480 Volt.

24W, 37W WP2LED and 55W WP3LED are available
with a driver option that supports 480V systems.

Motion detection.

Button and swivel photocell accessories are available as factory installed options to provide added control and operational efficiency.

WP Wallpack Motion Sensor

Big rebates
Save more through
utility rebates. LED
wallpacks come in
DLC approved models.
Long lifespan
At 10 hours daily use, LEDs
WP1, WP2 and 55W WP3s
are rated to last 27 years.
65 and 82W are rated to
last 16 years, dramatically
reducing maintenance
and-relamping costs.
5 yr warranty
RAB warrantees LED light
output, color stability,
driver performance and
paint finish.

Product matrix.

Ordering LED WP wallpacks is easy! Just follow the matrix.

WP Wallpack Product Order Matrix
WP Wallpack Product Order Matrix
WP Wallpack Product Order Matrix