Soft glow, even light.

KNOOK™ - undercabinet LED that
enhances beauty and function.


You can see clearly now.

KNOOK provides clean, uniform illumination across the length of the fixture, on walls and over countertops.


The more the better.

KNOOK leads in energy efficiency, beating out of the competition with higher lumens per foot.

KNOOK Installation


Everything you need and more.

Premium installation features include captive
screws, a quick connector for the power cord
and 1/2" knockout for hard-wired installations.


Stay in control.

Each KNOOK fixture has its own
integral on/off switch.


Turn the lights way down low.

For more energy savings, KNOOK comes with a dimming driver that is compatible with common ELV & TRIAC dimmers.

KNOOK Customize


Go long.

Each KNOOK fixture can be daisy chained
with optional accessory jumper cables.


On when you need it,
off when you don't.

Optional motion sensor for automatic on/off.

Energy Star
For even more savings,
KNOOK is available
in Energy Star models.
90 CRI
KNOOK comes standard with high color rendering, ensuring that colors in your environment are accurate in appearance.
Long lifespan
At 5 hours daily use, RAB LEDs are rated to last over 26 years, dramatically reducing maintenance and re-lamping costs.
5 yr warranty
RAB warrantees LED light output, color stability, driver performance and paint finish.

Ready to order? Just follow the matrix.

KNOOK Product Ordering Matrix