Look mom, no arms.

Post-top LED area light delivers
clean light without arm shadows.

No arms. No shadows. Just light.

Unlike many post-top area lights, the ALED5S
was designed to connect to a mounting pole without
the use of any arms, eliminating unwanted shadows.

ALED5S unwanted shadows

Free as a bird...from birds.

The ALED5S can accommodate bird spikes,
preventing our feathered friends from
nesting where they aren't wanted.

Specification-grade optics.

RAB engineered specification-grade optics for the ALED5S to deliver efficient, clean, uniform light where it's needed.

IP66 rated.

IP66 rating ensures no water
will ever get inside the fixture.

Thermal management.

Superior patent pending thermal management
design with Air Flow technology provides
maximum operational life.

Motion sensor
Optional integrated motion
sensor/photocell for
multi-level control.
Twistlock photocell
Optional twistlock photocell
is available for 150W & 78W
ALED5S. Supports up to 480V.
150W & 78W ALED5S
comes standard with
0-10V dimming
ALED5S Surge Protection

10 kV surge protection upgrade.

150W & 78W ALED5S comes standard with 4kV surge
protection. For areas prone to surges, an optional
10kV surge protector is available as an accessory.

Get rebates
Save even more with utility rebates
78W models
qualify for DLC Premium and DLC.
100,000 hours
At 10 hours daily use,
RAB LEDs are rated to last 27 years,
dramatically reducing maintenance
and re-lamping costs.
5 yr warranty
RAB warrantees LED light
output, color stability,
driver performance and
paint finish.

Available with LightcloudTM controls.

Lightcloud is a commercial wireless lighting control system
and service, fully developed and supported by RAB.

  • Use your mobile device, tablet or computer for switching
    and dimming of individual fixtures or entire areas

  • Complimentary rebate assistance and lighting design services

  • Programmable schedules let you illuminate zones,
    automatically adjusting for sunrise and sunset times

  • Save up to 68% on energy costs from lighting

Ready to order? Just follow the matrix.

ALED5S Product Ordering Matrix