Bring on the pressure.

Meet SHARK™ Impact-resistant linear LED washdowns.


Low maintenance.

SHARK™ is ideal for car washes, tunnels, stairwells and other hard-to-reach areas where relamping is difficult and costly.

SHARK Low maintenance
SHARK Power Packages

Multiple power packages for any application.

Two sizes and four power packages available:

50W (4 ft)

36W (4 ft)

25W (2 ft)

18W (2 ft)

SHARK Big savings

Big savings.

At up to 100 lm/W, SHARK provides an energy efficient replacement for fluorescent tubes, reducing energy consumption by over 40%.

SHARK Versatile mounting options

Versatile mounting options.

Accessory mounting kits available for angled surface mount, chains, junction box, and vandal-resistant surface mount.

IP66 rating.

Fully gasketed lens and plugs seal out moisture and
dust with an IP66 rating (covered ceiling not required
to maintain wet location listing or IP rating).

SHARK IP66 rating
SHARK Impact-resistant construction

Impact-resistant construction.

SHARK™ was designed for heavy impact applications.

Emergency battery backup optional.
Emergency Battery Backup
Emergency battery backup option is available to provide emergency lighting when power is lost.
480V optional.
4 ft (50 and 36W) SHARK™
is available in 480 volt option.

SHARK™ 120-277V models come
standard with 0-10V dimming.
100,000 hour lifespan.
100,000 hour LED lifespan
At 10 hours daily use, RAB LEDs
are rated to last 27 years, dramatically
reducing maintenance and re-lamping costs.

5 year warranty.
Five (5) year warranty
RAB warrantees LED light output, color stability, driver performance and paint finish.

Product matrix.

Ordering SHARK is easy! Just follow the matrix.
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