BOA Performance and Dimensions

Light on a higher standard.

BOA is designed with proprietary optics that deliver maximum lumens and conceal the LED light sources behind the lens to create a pleasing dimensional illuminance with soft blended beam edges.

BOA Indoor Application

Pendant and surface mount.

Pendant mount BOA comes complete with all required mounting hardware including 12 foot aircraft cables, ceiling canopies for a clean finish, and cable grippers for easy height adjustment after installation. Surface mounting offers a clean flush mount directly to a ceiling or a wall.

BOA Recessed Mounting

Recessed mount.

Recessed mounting BOA offers a trimless design for a clean and seamless appearance.

Color and size options.

Available in 2, 4 and 8 ft standard lengths, with 6, 10 and 12 ft models available by special order. Comes in matte silver and matte white, with matte black available by special order. Or, have the BOA custom painted any color by your painter to match your application precisely!

BOA Color and Size Options
BOA Color Consistency

Color in perfect harmony.

BOA is binned for 3-step color temperature consistency and is warrantied to shift no more than 200k over a 5-year period.

Set the right mood.

Create the perfect ambiance with BOA's 0-10V dimming capability.

BOA 0-10V Dimming


5 year warranty.
5 Year Warranty
RAB warrantees LED light output, color stability,
driver performance and paint finish for 5 years.
100,000 hour LED lifespan.
100,000 Hour LED Lifespan
At 10 hours daily use, RAB LEDs
are rated to last 27 years, dramatically
reducing maintenance and re-lamping costs.

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