Same small package, packs more punch.

The new 8 Watt LFLED landscape light replaces 50 Watt MR16.

8 Watt LFLED replaces 50 Watt MR16.

Landscape Lighting Floodlights LFLED 8 Watt

LFLED8 Watts and Color Temperature. LFLED8 Photometrics. LFLED8 Color and Dimensions.
Light larger objects at a further distance.

Even more punch.

The 8W LFLED allows lighting larger objects for
further distances than the 5W LFLED. UL listed
for wet locations and suitable for ground mounting.

Wide beam distribution. Three different color temperatures.

Optical distributions.

The standard flood reflector casts a wider beam distribution.
Choose from three different color temperatures to create the right look for your landscape.

Optional reflector converts LFLED8 into spot or narrow spot.

Spot on.

Optional spot reflector kits let you easily convert the LFLED
into a spot or narrow spot fixture, producing a tightened beam
for accent lighting or grazing buildings for an artistic touch.

Delivers even light distribution. Delivers even light distribution.

Even light distribution.

The patented design of the LFLED includes
a microprismatic lens that diffuses light to
deliver a smooth and glare-free lighting effect.

Cool operator.

LED technology runs much cooler than
halogen, so using the LFLED will avoid
burning foliage and fingers.

Runs cool to avoid burning foliage and fingers.

Big savings.

LFLED8 replaces 50W MR16,
reducing energy consumption
by a whopping 84%.

LFLED8 Energy and Cost Savings.
Ground mount or mount 4 feet off the ground.

Mounting options.

Ground mount the LFLED with a
junction box or up to 4 ft off the
ground with the RAB Mighty Post.

LFLED8 comes with a 5 year warranty.

5 year warranty.

RAB warrantees LED light output, color stability,
driver performance and paint finish for 5 years.

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