New 104 Watt LED high bay.

Delivers over 10,000 lumens.


New 104 Watt LED high bay.

High output. High efficiency. Anywhere you would use an MH high bay, you can use the BAYLED.


High performance at an affordable price.

The BAYLED is designed to perform at a price that makes sense.
Get quick payback with up to 70% reduction in maintenance and
energy costs compared to conventional metal halide systems.

Motion detection.

Increase energy savings by adding the LOSBAY800
motion sensor into your BAYLED installation. Each
sensor can switch up to 6 BAYLEDs and can be
mounted 20' - 40' high providing a 60' x 60' (3600
sq ft) detection range. LOSBAY800 also comes
with an optional lens that modifies the detection
pattern to fit the long and narrow shape of a
warehouse aisle.


Secure mounting.

Be code compliant with the BAYLED.
Each unit comes standard with a
heavy-duty 3/4" NPS hook and 3'
chain for secondary safety restraint.


Tool-less entry.

Easy installation is critical when working 25 feet above the floor. The BAYLED turnbuckle latch is aircraft grade and makes it easy and fast to complete your wiring and close the fixture securely. much better than traditional incandescent and HID lighting.

Optional 0-10V dimming capability is available
when mounted with a pendant by others.
High ambients? No sweat.
The BAYLED is designed for use in ambient
temperatures from -40° C (-40° F) to 55° C (131° F).

Optional bi-level operation is available
when mounted with a pendant by others.
Protect your investment.
Polyshield and chrome wire guard accessories available to
protect against sporty projectiles flung during gym class.

5 year warranty.
Five (5) year warranty
RAB warrantees LED light output, color stability, driver performance and paint finish for 5 years.
100,000 hour LED lifespan.
100,000 hour LED lifespan
At 10 hours daily use, RAB LEDs
are rated to last 27 years, dramatically
reducing maintenance and re-lamping costs.

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