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New World Trade Center Glows with RAB Lights

September 01, 2011

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The destruction of New York Citys World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001 left an indelible mark on the worlds consciousness. A decade later, however, a beacon of hope is emerging from the wreckage of that tragedy construction of the new One World Trade Center building, which has risen over 80 stories above the Manhattan skyline on its way to a record 102 floors and an overall height of 1,776 feet including antennas. When completed in 2012 and opened to tenants by 2013, it will stand as the tallest building in the Americas and the tallest all-office building in the world.

Scrambling to Help on 9/11
Late on the afternoon of September 11th, 2001, following the destruction of the iconic twin towers and the devastation that ensued in lower Manhattan, RAB Lighting received an urgent request for help from an electrical distributor to the World Trade Center. A leading lighting manufacturer based in Northvale, New Jersey, just 25 miles from Ground Zero, RAB had thousands of high-powered portable worklights in stock and was ideally-positioned to help restore light to the ravaged area so that victims and crews could find their way as darkness approached and recovery could begin. As the companys warehouse workers had already left for the evening, the RAB management team, including the CEO, pitched in by loading trailers to deliver the much-needed lighting, which could be powered by generators, to the beleaguered site.

400,000 Watts of Metal Halide
Ten years later, RAB is again playing a critical role in the rebuilding of the World Trade Center by providing nearly one thousand 400 Watt Pulse Start Metal Halide fixtures to the landmark effort. RABs temporary high-bay worklights are delivering high-output lighting to each of the 80+ floors, enabling crews to progress with construction of the huge structure. With over 400,000 watts of Metal Halide visible for miles around, the building is the brightest in the Manhattan Skyline and a brilliant monument to the reconstruction of the site.

We have already supplied over 850 RAB worklights to the site, with more to come, and the electrical contractors on the job have been extremely happy with them, says Nick Sarli, Purchasing Manager for Brooklyn, NY-based Louis Shiffman Electric, a key distributor associated with the World Trade Center and supplier to project contractor Five Star Electrical. With the high ceilings and open areas present in this construction site, RAB lights provide more light output than many other competitive products, enabling crews to see well with fewer fixtures. RAB truly offers a superior temporary high-bay worklight that weve found to last longer and be more reliable and user-friendly than others; as a result, RABs is the only one we stock, he says.

Steve Stikna, RABs Vice President of Sales, Eastern Region, agrees that RABs ceiling-mounted temporary worklight has been an ideal product for this application. This workhorse fixture throws a lot of bright light very efficiently, he says. With work proceeding on a 24/7 basis, long life is critical, and RABs temporary high-bay fixtures have a lifespan of 20,000 hours, which will reliably support the work crews through the projected duration of construction. Designed with a heavy-duty, die-cast aluminum ballast housing, RABs 400 Watt worklights are extremely durable and are additionally UL Listed for Wet Locations, making them an ideal choice for construction-site lighting that is exposed to the elements.

In addition to physically illuminating the World Trade Center worksite so that work crews can operate on a daily basis, RABs lights are also supporting the construction of a sophisticated structure which will be a model of green design for the world to admire. Ultimately incorporating over one million feet of conduit, 5.5 million feet of cable, 25,000 lighting fixtures, 600 panels, and 1200 motors, the structure will boast 2.6 million square feet of office space, several floors of retail space, 70 high-speed elevators, and an observation deck on the 101st floor. Designed to achieve prestigious LEED Gold Certification, the building will contain a fuel cell which generates 4.8 million watts of energy per hour and is targeting exemplary energy performance which exceeds code requirements by 20%.

With RAB worklights currently helping to make the new World Trade Center the brightest building in the impressive Manhattan skyline, RAB CEO Ross Barna could not be more supportive of the project and proud that RAB lights are a part of its success. Ten years after that fateful day, were watching a new architectural icon rising as an impressive symbol of strength for New York City, America, and the entire world. Were extremely proud to be part of this process of renewal and hope for the future, he says.

Shiffman Electrics Nick Sarli further praises RAB for the quality it delivers and the leadership it demonstrates. RAB offers outstanding products from the temporary worklights currently lighting this application to a range of high-powered and energy-efficient LED technology, Sarli says. Like the construction of the new World Trade Center, he concludes, RAB is a company thats really moving forward.

About RAB Lighting:
RAB Lighting is a leading manufacturer of affordable, durable and energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures. Located in Northvale, New Jersey and founded in 1946, RAB offers well-designed, professional grade lighting through a broad network of electrical distributors. RAB also offers lighting design and engineering services, free of charge, to produce lighting layouts. For more information, call (888) RAB-1000 or visit www.rabweb.com.